Local Food


The Land of Ice and Fire

Reykjavik, Iceland‘s capital, is the best place to experience the Icelandic cuisine.

Fish and meat lovers alike will enjoy many of the local traditional meals. Vegetarians haven't been forgotten about; Reykjavik has plenty of options to offer from Thai to Indian, Japanese to African, French, Italian, Mediterranean and North and South American.

Some of our favorite restaurants are:

Vita Burger

A tasty lunch doesn't need to be expensive. This privately owned burger joint and bar gives you a real taste of Iceland's day to day cuisine. Enjoy the double cheeseburger or the house steak with a side of fries and a locally brewed draft beer.

Sjávargrillið - Sjava‘s Grill

Sjava's Grill is a beautiful chef's restaurant right in front of Eymundsson book store. This is the place to go if you are looking for a variety of food, try the Taste of Iceland set menu. Expect excellent service, delicious dishes and wonderful desserts!

Sægreifinn - Sea Baron

You can't leave Iceland without tasting a fish straight out of the Arctic waters! Enjoy a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood- Try the lobster soup! Sea Baron is located at the old port just a few minutes away from the whale watching docks.

Krua Thai

Krua Thai is a nice, cozy take away restaurant just a few steps from our house. You will find that noodles and Asian foods are very popular in Reykjavik; fragrant Asian aromas dance through the streets! At Krua Thai you will find reasonable prices and great food!